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As our country responds to the coronavirus pandemic, travel is one of the hard hit things among other daily activities during the COVID-19 Lockdown, the UK Government has advised British nationals against all but essential international travel. As the UK transport sector continues to combat new daily challenges during the global coronavirus pandemic, Tranzitt have resumed its services to provide you with cabs for safest transportation across the country.
We at Tranzitt, have been monitoring the COVID-19 crisis closely and taking necessary steps to make sure we provide the best possible safety standard for our rides. With satery as our main priority, we have devised safety standards and here's what we are doing to ensure you have the safest travel possible.

Tranzitt’s measures to provide a safe cab environment for its passengers

Tranzitt have taken stringent and rigorous measures to ensure the safest rides possible and curb the spread of coronavirus with the support and coalition of our customers. We prioritizes our passengers' safety more than anything else hence we have taken various safety measures consistent with safety guidelines from WHO and the UK Govt . Here’s our measures to provide your with safe taxi options:

• Our drivers disinfect and sanitize the vehicle after every ride to ensure a safety of each and every passenger.

• Our vehicles are equipped with a bottle hand sanitizer and safety tissues for passengers who could not solicit their own.

• We double down on our safety standards and make sure that the vehicle is well aerated during and after each and every ride.

Safety precautions taken by our drivers

At Tranzitt, we pride ourselves on having the best, experienced and most courteous drivers. We believe our driver-partners are the crux and core of what we represent, Hence we do our best to ensure that their safety is not jeopardized as we can lend our service only if our drivers are safe and healthy. Here’s the safety measures ensured from our end:

• Tranzitt drivers are meticulously trained in personal hygiene and vehicle hygiene, they are the bar when it comes to vehicle safety.

• We have advised our drivers to sanitize their hands or use disposable gloves as necessary.

• We provided our drivers with face masks, hand sanitizers, and gloves to make the vehicle a safe haven for travel.

• Our drivers are advised to not shake hands to greet the passengers to minimize the risk of the spread.

• We have administered our safety standards for the vehicles and have provided our drivers with disinfectant kits to help them dredge and disinfect the vehicle after each and every ride.

• We have instructed our drivers to practice and follow social distancing for the sake of their own safety and the passengers.

Our Advice to passengers during the trip

We believe customer cooperation can go a long way in being able to serve them during these unprecedented times and we want to handle the safety of each and everyone with utmost affliction and allegiance. So help us rein the spread of COVID-19 when travelling with us.

• First and foremost, we strictly advise not to travel if you’re feeling unwell or evince any symptoms of coronavirus.

• Kindly come equipped with a personal COVID safety travel kit containing a personal face mask, a hand sanitizer to protect yourself. Self prevention is the best way to combat COVID-19.

• Though our drivers sanitise all usually-touched surfaces of their vehicles between each trips, we advise you to however use your own disinfectant wipes for additional peace of mind

• In line with TFL guidelines, we are asking that all passengers to wear a face covering when you travel with us.

• We recommend a no contact policy, hence we request you to load your luggage, if any. Or if the passenger wishes, our drivers will load or unload the passenger's luggage.

• Kindly maintain social distancing and avoid shaking hands with the driver or sitting next to them where there is available seating in the back.

• Use tissues to catch coughs and sneezes during the trip and dispose of them safely after exiting the vehicle

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