Driver Terms And Conditions

  • New Malden Car Services Limited is a licensed London PHV operator and trading as Tranzitt.
  • This constitutes the “Terms and Conditions” that govern the services provided by you as a driver to New Malden Car Services Limited, trading as Tranzitt (hereafter known as Tranzitt in this document), for the transportation services offered by New Malden Car Services Limited under the brand name Tranzitt.
  • New Malden Car Services Limited reserves the right to change or modify this “Terms and Conditions” at any time and in its sole discretion. By continuing to use the service, drivers consent to the revised “Terms and Conditions”.
    Expressions used in these terms:-
    • Company - New Malden Car Services Limited trading as Tranzitt.
    • Driver Account - An account with username and password for the drivers created by Tranzitt.
    • Driver App - App means software application provided by Tranzitt Mobility Limited to the drivers in according to terms and conditions.
    • Employee - According to the, ‘employee’ is defined as someone who works under an employment contract.
    • HMRC - Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.
    • Independent Contractor - According to HMRC’s definition, an Independent Contractor works for a client organisation under a contract for services.
    • Location Data - Location Data are information about the geographical positions of devices.
    • PCO - PCO means Private hire vehicle drivers.
    • PHV - PHV means Private Hire Vehicle.
    • TfL - Transport for London.
    • Third-Party/Parties - Any person or group who is not a party to the agreement.
    • VAT - According to the, VAT is Value Added Tax.
    Driver registration and use of service
    • Tranzitt provides a Driver App, which can be accessed by all the drivers, through which drivers may access Tranzitt's services and platform.
    • You are responsible for obtaining the data network access necessary to use the Tranzitt Driver App. Your mobile network’s data and messaging rates and fees may apply if you access or use Tranzitt Driver App from a wireless-enabled device and you shall be responsible for such rates and fees. You are also responsible for obtaining and setting up your mobile phone and any other hardware or equipment required to access or use Tranzitt Driver App.
    • To use Tranzitt services, drivers need to register and create a Driver Account. For that, you must be at least 18 years of age to register with Tranzitt. Driver registration requires you to submit relevant and personal information, such as your name, address, mobile number, PCO, and PHV as stipulated by Tranzitt.
    • Your use of Tranzitt Driver App grants no intellectual rights.
    • You are responsible for configuring your mobile phone, tablet, computer, or other information technology that you use to access the Tranzitt Driver App. You should use your virus protection software.
    Driver’s requirement and conduct
    • Drivers and their vehicles must always be compliant with all laws and regulations. Tranzitt requires updated copies of all documents, registrations, licences, policies, etc of the driver complying as aforesaid. In case of any issues with the aforementioned license, the same should be immediately informed to Tranzitt. Failing to inform the same on time will result in strict actions from Tranzitt including informing to TfL and may result in your inability to access and use of Tranzitt Driver App.
    • You may not authorise “Third Parties” to use your Driver Account. You may not assign or transfer your Driver Account to any other person or entity.
    • You may not use any of Tranzitt Driver App for any other purposes that may also be unlawful other than for the purpose they are provided to you; in any way that damages or makes our service less effective; to access or attempt to access the data of other users.
    • You must not misuse the Tranzitt Driver App by knowingly introducing viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs, or other material, which is malicious or technologically harmful. You must not attempt to gain unauthorised access to the Driver App. By breaching this provision, you will be guilty of an offense under the “Computer Misuse Act 1990”. Tranzitt will report any such breach to the relevant law enforcement authorities and Tranzitt will cooperate with those authorities by disclosing your identity to them.
    Third Party Services
    • Tranzitt may use Third-Party services to provide services for you. You hereby agree and acknowledge that you have no ownership rights (including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights) over any Third-Party Services whatsoever.
    Personal Information
    • You acknowledge and confirm that Tranzitt will use the personal information provided by you:-
      • To carry out the Booking Services
      • To assist with the resolution of any dispute that may have taken place as part of a private hire booking (including, for the avoidance of doubt, the disclosure of your personal information to any insurance loss adjuster or claims handler in the event of a car accident taking place)
      • Under the PHV (London) Act 1998 (and in particular, but not limited to), Tranzitt requires to provide information to TfL with any private hire bookings every week
      • When legally obliged to do so under any applicable law or regulation Tranzitt will use your geographical Location Data as part of our services and you hereby confirm and acknowledge that:
        • Your Location Data will be tracked by Tranzitt when logged into the Tranzitt Driver App
        • Your Location Data may be made available to Tranzitt’s customers if a booking has been confirmed with you.
      • Tranzitt may monitor your Location Data for security, safety, technical and commercial purposes and by using the Agency Services, you hereby consent to such use of your Location Data.
    • Tranzitt will only give your personal information to other Third Parties where the law either requires or allows Tranzitt to do so.
    Lost Property:
    • If a Tranzitt customer loses their belongings during a trip, the driver will inform Tranzitt’s office as soon as possible. Someone from Tranzitt’s office will then inform the customer that the driver will either:
      • deliver the relevant item(s) of lost property to Tranzitt main office or
      • deliver the relevant item(s) of lost property directly to the customer.
    Driver and Vehicle Standards - Appearance
    • You are responsible for:
      • Checking that your vehicle adheres to the law and is roadworthy.
      • Make sure you fill the car window cleaner liquid in advance. Empty the boot. There shouldn't be any items on any of the seats, including the drivers. Make sure you remove toys, food, personal bottles of water, clothes, beads, cigarettes, newspapers, magazines, books, and other personal belongings.
      • For the customer to feel more comfortable, move the front customer’s seat as far forward as possible, and set them back to a 90°angle. Adjust the back of the driver's seat in line with the door frame.
      • Switch off the radio. Set your air conditioner to a comfortable temperature of 22 °C. Make sure you air out the vehicle between journeys to get rid of any smells and stale air.
    The Journey
    • During the ride, you should be discreet, transparent and professional.
    • Drive the car smoothly, without sharp braking and acceleration. Abide by the traffic rules of the land.
    • During the ride, you cannot talk on the phone, use our Driver App, read the news, correspond by SMS, use your mobile phones, or anything else that takes your attention off the road.
    • If a customer wants to smoke, suggest stopping in a safe place or wait until you reach the destination.
    • During the ride you must ensure that you wear a mask as advised by TPH when appropriate.
    Aggressive behaviour and illegal activity
    • Tranzitt has a zero-tolerance policy for aggressive/threatening behaviour towards customers, partners, drivers, staff members, and any illegal activities. Any cases of aggressive behaviour or illegal activity from partners or drivers will be immediately reported to the TfL and, if necessary, to the police or any other relevant authorities and your account with Tranzitt service will be terminated permanently.
    • To pay New Malden Car Services Limited a commission of the total fare of the journeys undertaken and this commission will vary time-to-time.
    • For Account-based jobs, automated payment will be made every week minus the commission. All prices will be exclusive of VAT. Payment will be made by BACS to the Driver’s designated bank account. The Driver should update Tranzitt with appropriate bank details.
    Booking Process
    • Tranzitt will advise pick up time for each customer and forward the booking request details to the Driver as and when required. The request details will confirm the customer’s address, destination, agreed mileage for the trip, cost, and method of payment. This booking request will be sent to the Driver via the Tranzitt Driver App.
    • Drivers should never misuse the customer’s contact details or share customer contact details with others.
    • Waiting time:- For airport pickups, waiting time is one hour from the mentioned pickup time, if unless specified by the customer. Waiting time for normal pickup is 15 minutes.
    • Customer “no show” incidents shall be paid 70%. All such incidents have to be reported to the office before leaving the pickup location and the following proofs to be uploaded in the Driver App before the completion of the trip.
      • Location screenshot
      • Parking ticket (for airport pickups)
      • Signboard with customer name (for airport pickups)
      • Call records to justify customer contact
    Vehicle mileages
    • No ‘empty’ journey costs are payable by Tranzitt.
    • Excessive mileage will not be paid by the Company unless there is a valid reason for this, Tranzitt may wish to pay.
    • Tranzitt will not unreasonably withhold its consent to requests for excess mileage if the claim is justified and evidenced. If there is a change of drop location, it should be informed to the office immediately and approved by Tranzitt before the completion of the job.
    No employment
    • During the term of this Agreement, it is agreed that the Driver’s status vis-a-vis the Company is that of an “Independent Contractor” and not an “Employee” of the Company. Nothing in this Agreement shall constitute a partnership between the Company and the Driver. The Driver shall not have the power or authority to bind to the Company.
    • The Driver agrees that he or she will be responsible for the payment of any tax or other statutory levy or deduction which may be due to any consultancy fee, commission, or expenses payable under this Agreement. The Driver agrees that he or she is responsible for any VAT payable to HMRC on any amounts payable under this Agreement. The Driver agrees to indemnify and to keep fully indemnified the Company against all and any liabilities for income tax, or other statutory levies, deduction, or impost arising in respect of any fee payable under this Agreement.
    Driver Details
    • The Driver needs to inform Tranzitt as soon as possible of any changes in address, telephone, email address, or bank details. The Driver must ensure that they are contactable by phone or email.
    • The Driver will keep all matters confidential of this agreement and the business of Tranzitt and will not discuss or divulge to any third party (including customers) any information, which is obtained because of this Agreement and/or the relationship with the company.

    These Terms and Conditions were updated on 27/06/2020 (Version 2)
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