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      Easy jet closes bases and reduces staff numbers

      Easy Jet recently announced its opening of international flights but have also confirmed that they will be reducing the number of staff as well as bases. They have planned to close bases at Stansted, South end as well as Newcastle.

      So, what does this mean for the staff working for easy jet? There is an estimated 1300 UK crew members that are at risk of losing their job and 727 of UK based pilots may be at risk of redundancy. Johan Lundgren the chief executive of Easy Jet explains that due to the COVID-19 environment the demand is low and therefore not as many aircrafts will be needed. He also informed that EasyJet was aiming to minimise the number of jobs lost as much as possible.

      What does this mean for you? Despite the announcement to close bases EasyJet have confirmed that it may still be using the Stansted, Newcastle and South end as a part of its route. This means that crews will not be based permanently at these bases but it will continue to fly in and out.

      To find out more visit:

      Book with Tranzitt and enjoy a safe ride. Tranzitt takes our customers safety seriously to check out how we have adapted our services to prevent the spread of covid-19 and to protect our customers check out our page.

      26th of June 2020

      Get ready to book a safer ride with Tranzitt as EasyJet reopens for the public. The UK went into Lockdown in March and now after the long wait the lockdown measures are slowly being eased. What does this mean for summer holidays? EasyJet UK flights have opened some of their flights for travel within the UK but are claiming to reopen international flights from Stanstead and Luton airport and many others on the 1st of July 2020.

      What measures have EasyJet taken to comply with UK government’s regulation?

      EasyJet claims to comply with UK government regulations and has outlined a set of regulations that their passengers must follow. Chief executive Johan Lundgren claimed that the airline service regulations had been agreed by regulators. Some of the regulations stated by the airline are:

      • All passengers must wear face masks
      • All crew members will also wear face masks

      To find out more on Easy jets regulation visit:

      Where can you travel to with EasyJet?

      You can travel to many countries within Europe using EasyJet. Easy Jet has claimed to open international flights for many countries some of which include Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Greece. They are resuming flights in Stanstead, Gatwick and Luton within London but also across the UK in Manchester city airport, Birmingham airport and Bristol airport to name but a few. To find out more visit:

      Book with Tranzitt to gets your monies worth for a safe ride. Tranzitt values our customer’s safety, to find out more check out our page on how we protect our customers during COVID-19. If you would like more information about the UK government’s regulations regarding travelling abroad visit:

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