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Free airport waiting time

All airport pickups include a free 60 minutes waiting time after the flight lands. For all other trips, it is 15 minutes.

Upfront pricing

There are no hidden charges or surprises when it comes to Tranzitt fares. Your affordable all-inclusive Tranzitt fare presented to you when you confirm a booking includes all taxes, toll charges, other fees, and gratuities.

Free cancellation up to 24 hrs

We understand life is complex. If you need to cancel, we won’t charge you up to 24hrs before the ride. We will charge you if you cancel within 24 hours. For details refer to our cancellation policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the estimated fare from Gatwick to Hove?

We understand your travel needs. And that’s why, in addition to providing the most comfortable and convenient services, we offer them to you at unbeatable prices. What’s more, you can review these fares even before you begin your trip by entering the trip details on our website. For a trip from Gatwick to Hove, here are the estimated fares:

Type of Taxi Capacity(No of passengers) Estimated fare
Standard 4 £ 49
MPV 6 £ 66
Minivan 8 £ 89
Executive 3 £ 89

How long does it take to travel from Gatwick to Hove?

Gatwick airport is the closest airport from Hove, and by road it should take around 40 minutes to complete this trip. The road distance between Gatwick and Brighton is around 27 miles and the duration mentioned above is factoring traffic conditions.

How is Tranzitt different from other taxi services from Gatwick to Hove?

There are various mini-cab services operating out of London. Out of these, Tranzitt is establishing itself as one of the most popular and in demand services. Tranzitt differs from other Taxi services with an unparalleled level of customer-centric focus that offers you a satisfying and delightful experience using our services.

• Specialized in airport transfers. One of the most preferred options for airport to airport transfers.

• Customized taxi services. Mention your special needs/requests while booking a Tranzitt ride, and our team of ‘always available and ready’ customer support team will ensure that your needs are taken care of.

• Various taxi options for every party and luggage size.

• Fleet comprising of the best maintained vehicles and the most experienced and professional crew (drivers) in the business.

What do you get with your taxi transfer service from Gatwick to Hove?

Book your Tranzitt ride today for your trip from Gatwick to Hove and you will be provided with the best of the best when it comes to:

• Taxis and taxi choices.

• Driver crew and customer support team.

• Prompt pick-up and drop.

• Any custom requests you may have.

Above all, book with us today for your trip and be assured of a comfortable trip, a delightful customer experience, and the peace of mind that comes with it, at least for your travel needs.

How do you book a taxi from Gatwick to Hove?

You can easily book your trip from Gatwick to Hove on Tranzitt For this trip, open Tranzitt from a smartphone or a computer, and select Gatwick as your pick-up location and Hove as the destination. Specify pick-up time based on your convenience and select party and luggage size. Unique to Tranzitt, you can enter any additional notes for your booking and our team will review and do their best to support your request. After specifying these details, you can review the estimated fare for your trip and confirm your booking.


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